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HARD worker. Excellent team player (19+ years), a very good sense of humor (37+ years) called by many as a Pathological Enthusiastic. Imaginative, artistic, and creative Screenplay Writer. (10+ years). Able to perform in fast paced environments while meeting firm deadlines (12+ years). Crew manager / Motivating Leader (14+ years). Proficiency at visual editing (10+ years). Filmmaker / Videographer / Sound Recording (14+ years).


Media Lab Filmmaker in Residence
MIT Media Lab,
Macroconnections Group – Cambridge, MA – February 2015 to Present
Script Writing, Video Shooting, Directing, Editing.
Developing the Long Feature Documentary Film “Never Stop Computing”.

Producer Assistant Open Documentary Lab, Docubase

Mit Comparative Media Studies – Cambridge, MA – October 2014 to Present
Content, Webpage Maintenance, Editing and Launching posts.

Audio/Video Recording. Editing.

Videographer and Editor Descience
Descience – Cambridge, MA – January 2015 to Present
Content, Video Shooting, Editing.
Fashion 4wrd
Museum of Fine Arts – Boston, MA – September 2015 to November 2015
Video recording, Writing, Video Editing, Storytelling.

Convening 2014 – Producer Assistant & Graphic Design.

Technical Assistant (T/A)
Short Attention Span Documentary, Comparative Media Studies – Cambridge, MA – February 2015 to
September 2015
Workshops Video/Audio Basics Final Cut Pro X

Videographer Rota6 Production Company
New York, NY – November 2014 to December 2014
Video Shooting / Audio recording

CEO and Founder Lupa Production Company.
Lupa Productora – Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires – January 2011 to Present.
Lupa Productora is a production company focused on innovative concepts with a fresh approach.

In its fourth year of operation, Lupa has evolved significantly since its founding.
Within the past year, Lupa Productora has provided production design and script-writing content for many independent artists and projects.
Lupa Productora launched its official website in April of 2012, in conjunction with the release of “A shelter for the wind”, a long feature documentary.

Lupa Productora focuses on telling great stories in a variety of genres to make movies that resonate with audiences both domestically and abroad, collaborating with like-minded international and domestic partners to bring great stories to the screen.


Previous works.
The red land – Long Feature Fiction Film
Trivial Media – Misiones, Argentina. – 2014 to 2014
Director 2nd Camera Unit – Production Coordinator San Luis.

A shelter for the wind, Long feature Documentary
Lupa Productora – Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires – May 2013 to December 2013
Executive Producer, Script-Writing, Producer coordinator.

The little school – Four Episodes TV Documentary
Lupa Productora – Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires – 2013 to 2013
Producer manager – Screenplay Writer.

Elements – Short Video
Lupa Productora – Viedma, Río Negro – 2013 to 2013
Director – Videographer – Editor.

San Carlos de Bariloche’s History – Four Episodes TV Documentary
Encuentro Channel – Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires – January 2011 to June 2012
Screenplay Writer / Production Assistant.

Blackbirds – Short Film
Lupa Productora – Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires – 2012 to 2012
Director – Producer – Scriptwriter.

If you’re not here, the forest is too big, Short Film
Lupa Productora – San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro – February 2011 to August 2011
Director – Producer – Scriptwriter.

Heralda – Short Film
AAA Production Company – Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires – 2009 to 2009
Director – Screenplay Writer.

Tangram” – Long Feature Fiction Film
Script – Direction: Luisina Pozzo Ardizzi.

In spite of grieving, Medium Length Film
Cuban-Argentinian Co-Production – Cuba, MO – August 2008 to December 2008
Co-Director – Screenplay writer.


Documentary! New Trends, New Formats in Documentary
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid through edX – Cambridge, MA
2015 to 2015.

Master on Theater Education & Production in Theater
National University of Rio Negro – San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro
2011 to 2014 (delivering thesis by August 2016).

Graduate in Fine Arts and Education in Fine Arts, Sculpture.
University of La Plata – La Plata, MD
2002 to 2002.

Bachelor in Fine Arts
National University of La Plata – Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
1997 to 2001.


Contest “Argentine Shorts. Second Edition” organized by LA DOBLE A Productions.
Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 2007

The organizers of the contest, a major argentine production company, awarded the
technical and human resources to shoot the screenplay: the Super 16 camera,
Cinematographer, cameraman, gaffer, publisher, sound mixer.

Contest “Documentary Telefilm” – INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual
Arts). Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013

“La Escuelita” is a 4 episode documentary TV series about a clandestine torture and
detention camp that functioned during Argentina’s last military dictatorship. The
National Film Institute funded the shooting and post-production of the project with
its yearly “Documentary Series” grant.

La Memoria. Literatura arte y política. (The memory. Literature, Arts and Politics) – ISBN:
November 2008
Ana María Zubieta, compilation.
The compilation shows that the memories are a complex construction of political aspects. Analyzing trough
different authors the artistic expressions as outcomes of this practices and reflections.

Didáctica de Teatro para la educación Superior (Theater Didactic for Superior
Education) – ISBN 978-987-3667-08-4 March 2015
In “Theater Didactic for Superior Education” have been compiled twenty seven teaching and learning
proposals, written by the students of the course given by the Professor Ester Trozzo.
This activities were part of the Specialization in Theater Production and Teaching of the University of Rio Negro.


Advertisement campaign – Client: “Planeta Empanada”.
A Lupa Productora Production. Script – Direction.

Advertisement campaign. Client: SAUVER.
A Lupa Productora Production. Script – Direction – Editing.

Pilot – “Patagonic Lamb”.
Producer in Chief: Luisina Pozzo Ardizzi.

Outreach Video – Client: “Satellogic”.
A Lupa Productora Production. Script – Direction.

French Documentary “On the way to school”.
Casting: Cano-Piacentini – Luisina Pozzo Ardizzi.
Scouting en cities of Chos-Malal, Junín de los Andes and Pichi Leufu. Rio Negro and Neuquén provinces.

Long Feature Fiction Film. “Ursula”

Co-Script. Production.

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