In My Shoes is a self-recorded  video series created by César Hidalgo, head of the Collective Learning group at the MIT Media Lab. In My Shoes follows Hidalgo’s personal and professional life between March and June of 2016, a period when Hidalgo released DataUSA, and also, travelled to DC, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Portland, Monterrey, and Paris.


Episode 1 –Washington, DC

Episode 2 –Riyadh

Episode 3 –Data Usa

Episode 4 –The Media Lab

Episode 5 –Switzerland

Episode 6 –Portland

Episode 7 –Monterrey

Episode 8 –Paris


“In My Shoes” is a charming, personal story of the life of a high-flying, world-traveling rock-star professor whose wife and daughter are vital parts of his life.  Hidalgo captures the fun, fame, fatigue, and frustration of doing research while traveling to give talks in a global community.  A cheerful blend of reality TV, video selfies, and eye-catching visuals.  Research never looked so good!

Ben Shneiderman, Distinguished University Professor,  University of Maryland

“A fascinating and thoroughly original portrayal of the mindset of a scientist, working at one of the frontiers of 21st-century science.”

Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, and the author of How the Mind Works and The Language Instinct

“This is something that you never seen before– Science Journalism 2.0– a real time peek behind the scenes of how science is done and practiced. It is not the tired mythical image of a lonely scientist quietly working for years in the basement of some university. It unveils instead the highly collaborative social context within which science is done today, from the perspective of a young star! I think every future scientist should watch this!”

Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, Robert Gray Dodge Professor of Network Science, Northeastern University, and author of Linked 



Directed, Written & Filmed  by César Hidalgo

Edited by Lupa Productora

Original Scoring & Audio Mix by Daniel Magnani


Available at


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