Bringing Government Data to Life

The U.S. government offers almost 200,000 data sets for public use but they’re scattered, daunting and – most importantly – out of reach for the average citizen.

DataUSA presents public data transparently and smoothly. Enter a new breed of open government data portal.

To date, it is the largest, most comprehensive website for U.S. government data. DataUSA aggregates and visualizes data from multiple sources using a new and powerful visualization engine. Spanning a wide range of topics — labor and job markets, higher education, regional demographics, health care, and transportation — DataUSA is designed to enhance understanding, reveal patterns, and inform decision making.

It provides a free, easy-to-use data platform that allows everyone from business executives and government policymakers to students and academic researchers to do their own data analyses, create content, embed charts, and find answers. DataUSA provides tools to transform data into stories about America — its people, places, industries, occupations, skill sets, and educational institutions.

Camera Recording & Editing / Lupa Productora

Sound Recording & Mix / Daniel Magnani



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